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 70 Lock Looking for guild

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PostSubject: 70 Lock Looking for guild   Sat Feb 09, 2008 9:55 pm

70 Undead affliction warlock.
Have heroic keys for Hellfire, coilfang, auchidon, caverns of time, and also a shadow lab key, and shattered halls key. Also the ever important Karazhan key.
I have the big three from Pre B/C, Ony, MC and BWL. Never got to try Naxx.
I have both ventrilo and a working mic.
I used to be in Legion of the Horde. I left them because i could never get a group to do anything with. It was very clicky, and once B/C came out, it killed our 40 man raids. I wasn't part of the cool crowd and my hours for raid times killed my chances at getting into any of the 10 mans in outland. I finally had to pug for my kara key which i only recently got. I got so frustrated that i made a hunter and started bging with it and already have 2 pieces of glad gear with it. so the lock got put on the back burner.
I feel very confidant in a group setting that i can pull my weight. My only drawback, is my budget gear. But the only way to fix that is to get groups going.
I generally play nightly , and on my days off from work. I can easily spend 4-6 hours a night if i don't watch the time.
I like being affliction, cos nothing satisfies me more than being in the background, dropping dots, and by the time the target realizes i'm there, it's too late, the dots are finishing their job. If asked to respecc, yes, i would, but i've played affliction from the very beginning, and really don't know how to do much else with the class.
I have chosen enchanting and shadowcloth tailoring for my professions. I have one last skill point to go in tailoring and am at 363/375 in enchanting. I dont spend hours on end trying to vendor my skills in org or uc to try and lvl, and i don't spend much money trying to get matts either.
Unbuffed I have:
8130 Hp
7175 Mp
453 Spell damage bonus
14.17% Spell crit

I know I'm budget, but i know how to listen ,and am a very fast learner.
The biggest interest for me was that Sparz had said that you were a guild from a different server, so it would be like a fresh start for me. I look forward to the challenge of the heroic and the first kara run with a new group of people who I hope become some decent friends.
Thank you for any consideration you give this application.

Joke: Why are womens feet smaller than men's? Genetically designed that way to stand closer to the sink.
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PostSubject: Replying to your app   Sun Feb 10, 2008 5:21 am

Hey there,

Thanks for applying, Your app looks good, although there are several pieces you can upgrade rather easily.

Nothing a couple heroics won't fix.
At the moment I'm not at home, add Sparz and Spookmachine to your friends list.

If either of them are on, ask them for an invite.

Were expecting to be running Kara / ZA this week, with as many in guild people as possible.

So be ready for that.
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70 Lock Looking for guild
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