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 What we are.

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PostSubject: What we are.   Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:11 am

First Blood, and what we are.


Guild leaders: Rickrolled and Sparz

Officer: Spookmachine

The three of us, are real life friends. Combined we have raiding experience up to vashj in SSC, and three bosses in TK.

We don't require a 80%+ attendance. But know that the more you show up, the more we're gonna think "Hey, this guy deserves it"
That stops people from showing up on free loot days.

Kara, Mag, and Gruul's were all on farm.


Loot Distribution: A well selected un-bias loot council and class leaders will distribution of loot.

Raiding Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00pm Server time.

Friday/saturday/sundays pugs / alt runs.
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What we are.
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